swinging moorings


swinging mooring in the pin mill bay

we have a range of swinging moorings from half tide mud moorings up to deep water. if you choose to store you boat with us in the boatyard over the winter months, we can then launch her and place her onto a booked moorng around a date to suit you.  Alternatively you can book a mooring for the season and sail your boat from elsewhere. our moorings are lifted and serviced annually and are available to hire from 1st march until 1st december. please contact us for prices and availability.

We always try to accomodate visiting yachts to Pin Mill if we have suitable and spare moorings. Our moorings are not suitable for vessels over 38ft /11.5m. Please do not raft up on any of our moorings. Please phone to check if the mooring you have picked up is ok to stay on and please vacate it if the yacht booked to that mooring returns to it. May we please ask that visitors do not pick up our buoys using the RYA recommended system of lassoing the mooring buoy with a rope and then mooring to that. This puts a huge amount of strain on the mooring gear and damages the buoys. All our mooring buoys have rope strops that can be simply picked up with a boat hook. All visitors are kindly asked to pay £10 if staying on one of our moorings overnight. The funds collected are put into our RNLI contribution box. You can come ashore to make a donation or we sometimes come out to you on the mooring.

Pin Mill Moorings Ltd

We have just over 100 swinging moorings in the Pin Mill bay, suitable for day boats up to 38ft yachts. Please enquire for prices and availability

Pin Mill Moorings Ltd

Bookings for larger vessels to tie to the end of the pontoon for a tide may be possible. Please contact us to make an enquiry

Pin Mill Moorings Ltd

We sweep the end of the hard throughtout the sailing season

Pin Mill Moorings Ltd

Dinghy storage available

Our moorings

We sweep the end of the hard throughout the sailing season

our moorings

Either the public hard or our pontoon may be used to row or outboard out to our moorings

our moorings

A trot of ground chain laid out for inspection and servicing

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