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Harry King & Sons Ltd offers regular maintenance services such as antifouling and polishing and changing seacocks, to complete restorations and larger projects.

our workshop job list is always full. here are some of our recent projects…


Seal watching tripper boat, Gloria, from Harwich lifted out of the water and into the yard for some major hull repairs.
Assessing the planking and dead wood.
Decided that a complete deadwood replacement was needed.
along with some plank sections.
revealing the timbers behind the planking.
removing the deadwood was not straightforward as it was built as one piece and so proved awkward to get out and still be a usable template.
Once removed, the original deadwood could be used as a template to cut out the new one in iroko.
showing the bottom of the hull without the deadwood.
new iroko deadwood being offered up to the boat before adjustments were made.
taking markings and measurements to make the adjustments.
the drive shaft aperture being drilled out and lined up.
the deadwood back in the workshop having cheeks fitted and final adjustments.
the plugs were then cut off and cleaned up.
the deadwood fitted back to the boat and strapped in place.
new planking sections being fitted and the deadwood fastened in place, along with the prop shaft fitted.
Blue Sapphire had been suffering from extensive deck leaks. Not only did her deck need re- caulking but rot from around the chainplates and fastenings had been found in the topsides. Quite a lot of work was involved in removing the existing chainplates to get to the affected areas.
Unfortunately, we discovered some topside planking needed to be replaced. We initially concentrated on the port side so that her owners could assess whether to leave having the starboard side repaired in the future in order to spread costs.
New planking being fitted with the assistance of Tom, our apprentice.
The cabin windows were removed in order to re-cut the rebate and take back the varnish work properly. Water had been getting in and caused discolouration across the whole area. The coachroof also needed fibreglass repairs where water had found its way in there as well.
All the deck seams were raked out and the rebate re-cut and cleaned up.
The window rebates were cleaned up. The cabin sides had 6 coats of varnish and Lucy is just re-fitting the windows.
Lovely new varnish!
New 316 stainless steel chain plates made, with some improvements to the original design.
New chain plates fitted in place.
The owners decided to move straight onto the port side. New graving pieces were let into several areas.
Topside repair pieces instead of new planking.
Some new deck sections were found to need replacing.
Deck caulking in progress.
New steel fitting in place in the heads. This involved removing the interior in order to renew the steel work and make repairs to rot found.
Lucy getting ready to re-caulk the stern deck.
Lucy getting ready to re-caulk the stern deck.
New rudder re-designed to replace a rotten and underperforming one.
Repair pieces let into hull to support the new rudder.
Repair pieces to both top and bottom.
New 316 stainless steel fittings made onsite.
New rudder fitted to True Campaigner, primed and ready to antifoul.
We lifted out this lovely little Vertue to have years of antifouling removed and to investigate the cause of some leaking.
Five of her frames were found to be cracked and so we made and fitted laminated oak sister frames.
These frames were glued in placed, and then fastened with silicone bronze screws, before being cleaned up and primed.
The new frames being fastened in place before plugs were made and fitted.
The garboard planking, which we decided were elm, needed to be re-fastened the full length on both sides.
These were then plugged, cleaned up and primed.
The majority of the underwater seams were raked out, re-caulked and stopped with red lead putty, and then primed with underwater primer.
The bottom was then antifouled and we then painted in the bootop. The topside paint was touched up where we had carried out repairs, ie, where the new fastenings for the sister frames appeared.
Mea’s mast then had a quick fit out, including the spreaders being taken back to bare wood and coated with 3 layers of Woodskin, and the mast having a quick re-coating of varnish.

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